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Need a Driver?

Hire a Driver (Wheels-man) from us

This is a monthly service designed for private and corporate clients who are interested in enjoying a good driving service by signing up a wheels-man for the purposes of vehicle maintenance, logistics and general itinerary management.

Need a Driver and A Vehicle Service?

Hire a Driver (Wheels-man) and vehicle from us

This service however, is designed to provide client(s) with an array of vehicles ranging from exotic, utility etc. with a wheels-man if responsible for the management and driving of the vehicle and also, manage the day-to-day itinerary of the client he would be assigned to.

Have you experienced our Pro-rate Service?

This is not a monthly service, as it is designed for client(s) who wants to enjoy the services of a wheels-man (Driver) for a period, usually for less than a month.

However, this maybe for a day, weeks or for some other purposes like events, tours including trips.

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