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Our Services

A happy driver or wheels-man is an excellent staff! One who is ready and committed to work especially in a work friendly condition with 100% work policy compliance. However, we encourage a healthy working environment and good working relationship between client(s) and staff for efficient performance.

Our drivers/wheels-men are trained to manage vehicles and the daily itinerary with top priority on client safety and security.

Services are designed to shield clients from all forms of liabilities including:

  • Salary
  • Pension and Insurance
  • Complaints
  • Behavioral misconduct

Hire a Driver (Wheels-man)

This is a monthly service designed for private and corporate clients who are interested in enjoying a good driving service by signing up a wheels-man for the purposes of vehicle maintenance, logistics and general itinerary management.

Hire a Driver (Wheels-man) and Vehicle Service

This service however, is designed to provide client(s) with an array of vehicles ranging from exotic, utility etc. A wheels-man is responsible for the management and driving of the vehicle and also, manages the day-to-day itinerary of the client he would be assigned to.

Hire a Driver (Wheels-man) only Pro-rate service

This is not a monthly service, as it is designed for client(s) who wants to enjoy the services of a wheels-man (Driver) for a period.

However, this maybe for a day, weeks or for some other purposes like events, tours including trips.


Goods handling, packaging, loading and transportation defines this service. Hauling of  goods within and across cities, with highest premium on safety is our pride! Product hauling varies from oil and gas, agricultural produce (grains etc) and cargo.

Vehicle Hire

Our fleet is an assemblage of  exotic, utility and others vehicle types and models collected based on demand, ranging from conferences, crusades, tours and trips etc.

Also, assigned to every vehicle is a dedicated well trained wheels-man (Driver) who is vested with the knowledge of the road network within and across cities, with great consciousness of clients safety and security.


We are your reliable moving partner and transporter of your home appliances, furniture etc within and across Nigerian cities. Understanding clients concern and  logistics challenges have better positioned us for effective service delivery, with proper handling, packaging, loading and offloading at the highest safety consciousness and premium.

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